Analyzing Cyberpunk 2077 Related Tweets using Twitter Streaming API and Apache Flink

Ever since I used Apache Flink, always wanted to use it with Twitter Streaming API and for the subject, I chose Cyberpunk 2077.

Creating Custom Kubernetes Resources using Kubebuilder

In this post, I’ll try to show how to create a CRD(Custom Resource Definitions) and controlling them.

Backup Kubernetes Object to AWS S3 using Heptio Velero(Ark)

In this post i’ll show how to backup Kubernetes objects to AWS S3 and restoring this backup to another cluster or same cluster.

CockroachDB on Kubernetes

In this post i’ll show how to deploy CockroachDB to your cluster and configure then create a example application to demonstrate how CockroachDB doing well on node/pod failures.

Getting Notified From Radio Frequency using RTL_SDR and Opsgenie

In this article i’ll show how to notified through radio signals using RTL_SDR, ham radio and Opsgenie.

AWS run tasks on EC2 without SSH, AWS Systems Manager

There are many ways to deploy your application or run commands inside EC2 instance.

Serverless Function: Recognize dogs and send to Whatsapp using Twilio and AWS Rekognition

While i preparing my graduation project i think i need to add some kind of recognition for demo.

Create and upload container images to AWS ECR with Kaniko inside Kubernetes

In this post i’ll show how to create container images inside Kubernetes using Kaniko and uploading to ECR repository.

Creating Serverless Backend using AWS Lambda and DynamoDB

In this post I’m going to show how to create Lambda function for creating and showing items on DynamoDB.

Using Traffic Shifting on Istio to make Blue/Green Deployments on Kubernetes

In this post i’ll show how to do blue/green deployements on Kubernetes using Istio.