Getting Notified From Radio Frequency using RTL_SDR and Opsgenie

Sat, Apr 13, 2019 2-minute read

In this article i’ll show how to notified through radio signals using RTL_SDR, ham radio and Opsgenie.

Setup and System

  • RTL_SDR usb stick
  • Ham Radio
  • Opsgenie account

There is a nice SDR scanner created by madengr which called ham2mon( Edited this python script to create alert when specific frequency and squelch value is matches with our desired one.

Basically i followed the Opsgenie Python SDK tutorial:

alarm_Body = CreateAlertRequest(
                message='New message recieved via Radio Freq : '+str(file_freq),
                description='Frequency: '+str(file_freq)+' Squelch:         '+str(squelch_db),
                teams=[TeamRecipient(name='first team')],
                note='New radio stuff happened')
                response = client.create_alert(body=body)

                print('request id: {}'.format(response.request_id))
                print('took: {}'.format(response.took))
                print('result: {}'.format(response.result))
            except ApiException as err:
                raise ApiException("Exception when calling AlertApi->create_alert: %s\n" % err)

Start and capture block i used these configurations:_

./ -a “rtl” -n 1 -f 434360000 -g 20 -s -40 -v 0 -w_

I said to capture 434.360Mhz Because its legally allowed to use ham radio with A class certificate(which i have 🙂 ) and squelch is -40Mhz so i wont be capture anything not powerful to capture.

Cool Part

Lets try it out ! I will speaking through 433.600(but hardware not rock solid so its .860).

ham2mon image when getting radio signals from 433.860Mhz

Cool lets see Opsgenie Alert

cool subdomain isn’t it

Whats Next

These will be on part 2

  • Using AWS Transcribe and notify when someone calling you through some frequency
  • Whenever your favorite music is on FM you’ll get alerts