Notifying Kubernetes events to Slack using Kubewatch

In this post i’ll show how to notify kubernetes events to our slack channel using bitnami-labs/kubewatch.

kubewatch repo can be accessed using this link.
We need to create slackbot.I created new bot named kubewatch-webischia.

Then i copied this token.
After that we need to install kubewatch. Kubewatch can be installed with helm or using yaml files. Im using yaml files in this example.

In handler scope we define our slack configuration such as bot token and resource scope we define which events we should notify on kubernetes.

Using rbac give permission to kubewatch for listing events.

Thats our pod yaml. Defining image from bitnami/tuna.
We shouldnt forget serviceAccountName: kubewatch on spec scope.

Testing our kubewatch. I created new service and kubewatch notify us on our slack channel.
Creating pod

Deleting pod

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